Psalm 137

I wrote this poem in April, anticipating leaving Jerusalem for the States again. It has even more impact now. It is based on a rendering of Psalm 137, the longing for Jerusalem we intone before thanking G-d for our food on days when Tachanun is said. By the rivers of Babylon, the Ohio, the Miami, … Continue reading


This was a 15-minute writing prompt I got from The Write Practice. I felt inspired to write. I looked at my watch. I’m not sure why I bothered, because there were five clocks within view, but somehow I felt better looking at my watch. Paris. I glanced at the ticket counter, where a distraught Chassid … Continue reading

January 2-5

January 2: Starts with G The Glaubach Dept of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Shaarei Zedek. Nomi’s ok, but a bad virus and enormous glands scared us. January 3: My Town Jerusalem, Israel, from the Mount of Olives. I marvel every day that we live here. January 4: Word to Live By T’filah, “prayer” January 5: … Continue reading

January 1: Lunch

Pad Thai leftovers, coffee, and Haftorah Yes, this is what student rabbis do, even on break. I’m chanting the glorious haftorah portion for parsha Bo this weekend. Jeremiah has the best cantillation – so eerie and intense. So I’m spending my free morning going over it and geeking out over how beautiful it is. Also, … Continue reading

Celebrating our (gluten) freedom

This year for the first night of Chanukah, all of us got together as a school to light the first candle in the window of the main entrance to the college. After singing and general silliness, we said the blessings, Toby lit the first candle for us all (be still my heart), and we said … Continue reading

Chanukah in the New World

1. Light one candle – whoops, two. I’m always forgetting the shamash as I run out the door, takeout in hand, to light three candles. Kentucky Fried Chicken is at least fried food, right? On a Wednesday night when the kids have basketball and ballet and debate club and my eldest has a midterm in … Continue reading

A Desert Ashrei

This past week, my classmates and our families (and a few professors!) took a trip down south. We stayed on a kibbutz and enjoyed the air and the warmth and the breathtaking scenery of the Negev and the Aravah region. For Shabbat shacharit, I was asked to write an interpretation on the Ashrei (Psalm 145 … Continue reading


The first time you kissed me I marveled at how ordinary an impression your lips left on the skin of my arm. You tasted like linen softness and murmuring, dry, page-turning sounds punctuating your breath. Now I quiver beside you, speaking benedictions I never understood until I stepped (three steps forward and bow at the … Continue reading